A technological revolution in online casino games: how 5G will change the situation?

A technological revolution in online casino games: how 5G will change the situation? post thumbnail image

The 5G should land soon in Canada. This technology is scary, but it also makes people fantasize. On the one hand, technological overkill sometimes seems to clash with the reality of the global situation. On the other hand, 5G could be a revolution whose consequences on daily life are hard to see for the average person. We see attacks against the new antennas all over the world because the consequences of waves on health are not known. The other front comes from the scientists who talk about an energy-consuming technology in total contradiction with the necessary efforts to limit global warming. For the gambling world, this is clearly an opportunity to seize.

5G technology in simple terms

We will not go into technical details. 5G is simply the fifth generation of the telecommunications standard. It succeeds 4G. 5G is 1000 times faster than the original 4G that you use since the 2010s. That changes everything. The higher the speed, the more information can be sent and received in quantity, but also in quality. This speed is not a gadget, but it is essential for new technologies that are ever more demanding with ever-larger files and more exchanges. An online casino sends information through its games and applications and receives just as much. A faster connection will help game software publishers develop even more interactive, complex and graphically advanced products.

The number of simultaneous connections will explode

5G will allow processing much more information and much faster. Servers could heat up! For online casinos, it is the possibility to organize huge tournaments on slot machines or table games. By being able to process a maximum amount of information, they will be able to welcome more participants and therefore offer record prize pools.

More fluidity, fewer bugs: how 5G will help get rid of bugs

With 5G, the problems of disconnection and slow games should disappear almost completely. The speed of data exchange will offer a great fluidity to players who will not be dependent on the size of the information exchanged and the number of players connected at the same time. This can be compared to a regular internet connection. In the early days, it wasn’t easy to see a picture on the screen. Today, we watch streaming movies in 4K quality. It is this fluidity that 5G will bring to the world of gambling.

More quality and complexity of games

This is probably the most important thing for online casino players. Just remember the transition from 2G to 3G. The web has changed, and the use of the smartphone has started to grow at a rapid pace. Speed is not a marketing element, even if we are not fooled. The move to 5G will force a replacement of most smartphones in the world. From a technological standpoint, speed opens up the field of possibilities. It’s so vast that it’s hard to imagine the casinos and online games of tomorrow. We can also think about the quality of graphics, animations, and even features in slot machines. Everything should be more beautiful because developers will no longer have to choose between beauty and practicality.

Virtual Reality is the myth of online casino players. It’s on the back burner because it requires too much bandwidth and hardware that hasn’t been democratized yet. There is no economic interest for the moment. But, with 5G, the game may change. Imagine a poker table with your opponents that you see by turning your head. Absolute immersion. 5G will solve the problems of the heaviness of this technology, and maybe VR will become more profitable for online casinos.

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