Vancouver Island Military Museum At A Glance - Our Displays

 Below are some examples of our displays. Come in to the museum and experience history with our self-guided tour.

Navy Display Vancouver Island Military Museum Royal Canadian Navy 

Naval display depicting life at sea during the Battle of the Atlantic.
Naval uniforms, ships' models,
and an illustrated time-line showing the history of the RCN to present day.

War of 1812

Follow along a time-line map showing both
major land and naval battles.

War of 1812

One of the finest displays depicting Canada's first military struggle.
Come see our period uniforms, an authentic Brown Bess Musket, military pistol & accoutrements.

The Canadian Airforce

A location chart of RCAF bases and a
time-line of significant events in Canadian Air Force history.

Royal Canadian Air Force

The Royal Canadian Air Force story from 1920 to present day.
We feature dispalys  showcasing the famous Snowbirds, Bomber & Fighter Commands from WWII,  and the largest model Spitfire display in Canada.

Canadian Army History

Small arms, uniforms, maps and
diagrams also show Canada's
commitments in Korea and Afghanistan.
Canadian Army  
Canadian Army history featuring displays of the Boer War and WWI & II. We feature artifacts from the trenches of WWI including an authentic Vickers Machine Gun as the centrepiece.
 Our Canadian Merchant Navy Our Merchant Navy

We honour the incredibly brave seamen who served in the Mechant Navy, transporting vital upplies to our troops overseas.

Photos, artifacts, survival   eqipment and models of Escort and Merchant ships are just a small par of our tribute display.

 Canadian Decorations and Medals 

The largest medal display of military
medals under one roof in British Columbia.

Medals and Decorations

Displays to recognize and honour the service of Canada's & Allied Military, including the Merchant Navy and RCMP.

 We are proud to display many examples of the wards & honours together with framed pictures of the men and women recognized

 Women in the Armed Forces
Canadian women served in all three
branches of the Canadian Armed
Forces, Army, Navy and Air Force.
Women in the Armed Forces

With over 50,000 Canadian women in uniform during WWI & II, including nursing sisters, we are proud to display the history of their service.
 Life on the Home Front
Follow the story of the working women
in the armaments industry and a feature
on Canada's War Brides.
Life on the Home Front

This display  showcases war time life with ration books, meat tokens, war bonds and dozens of WWI & WWII artifacts and items of memorabilia.

A showcase of pictures and stories of
the SOE and the resistance movements.
The Secret War

Tells the story of Camp X, Canada's WWII Spy training school on the shores of Lake Ontario.
Canadian and Allied secret agents  and their heroism are revealed for you here.
Korean War
Uniforms, artifacts and pictures tell the
story of Canada's UN contribution in Korea.

The Korean War display features a relief map illustrating the Korean Peninsula and the countries who fought on both sides in the war.
This display features uniforms, rank and
trade badges and police service lit
including an authentic Buffalo coat and
period uniform.
Royal Canadian Mounted police

Canada's National Police Force.

The history of the NWMP/RCMP told through an illustrated history of "The March West."
 UN Peacekeepers Peacekeeping

This display shows Canadians making a difference in the world's trouble spots.
Uniforms, location maps and a humanitarian air-lift diorama featuring the C-130 Hercules, Jeeps and APC vehicles.
Aboriginal people in the military Aboriginal Peoples

An exhibit honouring the
contribution of Canada's
Aboriginal Veterans including
uniforms and weapons of the
Canadian Rangers who guard
Canada's sovereignty in the Arctic.
Afghanistan Afghanistan

Canada's longest war is depicted in pictures and a historical overview covering the war from 2001 to 2011.

We are proud to display a pictorial tribute to the men and women the the Canadian Armed Forces who gave their lives in the cause of peace and freedom.




 Southeast Asia War display

Canada's War in South East Asia WWII

Learn about the Burma Campaign, the Battle for Hong Kong, the defence of Ceylon and the war in the Pacific. Theatres of war in which Canadians played a critical role from 1940 until the evential defeat of the Japanese Empire in 1945.

The Dragon and the Maple Leaf. Read about the Canadians of Chinese decent in Force 136, Canada's secret agents in the jungles of Malaya and Borneo.

Follow the Japanese Fire Ballon campaign to destroy the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

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